Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: James B (Toronto)

My wife and I are thrilled with the job J & C did in helping us sell our old condo and buy a new one for our growing family. They were fantastic at getting to our exact needs and incredibly accommodating in making sure the buying and selling processes went as smoothly as possible.  They are also well-connected within the Toronto real estate community which led to us getting results we were very happy with. At the same time, they are super down-to-earth and quickly respond to any and all of your questions, no matter how basic, with honesty and no judgment.  We'll definitely be recommending this fantastic duo to all of our friends and family looking for Realtors!

By: Emilia H (Toronto)

Where do I begin... Cheryl and Jon were an absolute pleasure to work with. They made what should have been an extremely stressful process, very enjoyable and dare I say fun. Seeing as I was moving from Guelph to Toronto, I was brand new to the area and had absolutely no idea where to begin. Knowing this, Cheryl and Jon took me to tour various neighbourhoods across Toronto to determine which one would feel most like “home”.  I would send Cheryl and Jon listings I found appealing and they would send back paragraph responses on each listing describing the neighbourhood, details on the fairness of the pricing, information on the builder, details on the quality of the finishings, even down to how much my two dogs would like the area. Not once did I ever feel rushed or pressured to make a decision. In fact, Cheryl and Jon encouraged me to slow down, ask lots of questions and take my time finding my new forever home. They were always available to answer any and all questions I had, no matter how small or silly they may have been. Even after I moved into my new condo, Jon and Cheryl were still excited and happy to be involved in the process. Even going so far as to provide me with a personalized and thoughtful gift basket full of various goodies from my new neighbourhood for me and my dogs.  You can really tell that Jon and Cheryl not only are highly skilled at real estate, but they also really care about finding you the PERFECT house to call home. Rest assured if you use J&C realtors you will not regret it.

By: Danijel & Natalia (Toronto/Burlington)

What can I possibly say with words that will describe Jon and Cheryl properly.... not sure I can but I'll give it a whirl. This team/couple/gang of superhuman... whatever you wish to call them, are definitely not average humans. They have done such a great job for us if there were Emmys for Realtors, I'm sure they'd take it home. My wife and I have never felt better about any couple in general. Their energy is calm and yet high and they approach everything with such smarts, love and passion. I mean they are working but they seem to love/enjoy their job a whole new level.  And did I mention that we got 2 people for the price of 1 to work for us! I mean if you need a home sold or bough don't look any further.  Without getting into more detail and the risk of  writing a novel here as I could go on and on... they really are worth it with the amount of work they do. And they did work that I didn't know Realtors even did. They went so above and beyond. They have our stamp of approval by a mile. If you need a great Realtor, give Jon and Cheryl a call. We did and we are beyond happy with the sale of our condo (well above asking price) and purchase of our new house (well below market value). Thanks Jon and Cheryl from the bottom of our heart and we wish you the best of success and may you continue making people happy around the GTA. We'll be inviting your to our BBQ soon!

By: Paul H (Toronto)

Cheryl and Jon are phenomenal agents. They listen, are responsive, and really hustle to make things happen. Their full service approach helped reduce the stress of selling our home and buying our new house. Thanks to their help and hard work, we were able to sell our house for significantly more than the asking price. We’ve definitely would recommend using them for all your real estate needs!

By: Josh M (Toronto)

Jon & Cheryl are the absolute BEST. Not only are they professional, hard-working, friendly and down to earth, they genuinely care about helping people. They helped myself and my partner find our dream home and became our cherished friends in the process - anyone who has the privilege to work with these two wonderful people can count themselves as very lucky!