Meet the Team


Jon Paulson

Born in Edmonton and moved to Toronto in 1989.
His background is in Sales (selling Fine Art on cruise ships for the better part of 2 decades) and Video Production (owned his own company for 5 years in Toronto)
Hockey fan (he was in Edmonton during the Wayne Gretzky years)
Specialty: Negotiation & Advertising/Marketing
Quote: "Knowledge is Power"
Favourite Toronto neighbourhoods: Trinity-Bellwoods and Riverside


Cheryl Mickolwin

Born and raised in Toronto
Studied Photography at Ryerson & Business Accounting at Sheridan
Background in Management, Training and Sales across the Hospitality Industry
Blue Jays fan (was around for the 92 and 93 World Series Blue Jays)
Thinks outside the box
Specialty: Advice & Guidance through Education
Quote: For every problem, there is a solution
Favourite Toronto neighbourhoods: Why do I have to pick just one?


Nicole norton

Born and raised in Toronto's West end, Nicole has always called Toronto home, even when it wasn't. A previous career in training and sales allowed Nicole to travel and live throughout North America and Europe, however she always was drawn back to Ontario's biggest and best capital city.

As a military spouse and mother, Nicole has also travelled, lived and worked as a REALTOR® throughout Canada, bringing her unique experiences, perspectives and contacts to J & C Toronto Real Estate.

Currently residing in the Toronto Beaches, Nicole especially loves the sense of community in Toronto's East end - for her and her husband, their son and their two park aficionado dogs.


Rebecca hodge

Born and raised in Toronto's East end, Rebecca's love for customer service came early while working in the hospitality industry. After attending the University of Guelph, she spent a few years travelling and that was when she realized Toronto was truly home and where she wanted her roots to be.

She has worked over 10 years in high level executive assistant and office management roles and her passion for client service, project-management and organization makes her a perfect fit for this dynamic team.

Currently residing in Riverside, Rebecca spends her time with her partner and Hank (their adorable mini Dachshund and J + C Toronto office dog) taking in all the amazing experiences, sights and sounds that Toronto has to offer.


Hank the office dog

Hank is new to the Real Estate game. He believes being in the dog house is a good thing because that means you have a house. His hobbies include chewing on things, chasing sticks and meeting new people. Is available to show properties if you will take him for a walk. Knows the answer to “who’s a good boy” before you even ask.

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